Buckthorn Removal

Buckthorn Removal

Help restore your forest with our environmentally friendly BUCKTHORN REMOVAL SERVICES!

Hartigan Lawn and Landscaping has cleared over 30 acres of buckthorn and specializes in the removal and prevention of Buckthorn.

Contact us for more details on why you should have the buckthorn on your property removed and how we can help you manage this invasive plant.

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Question & Answer

What is Buckthorn?

Rhamnus is a genus of about 110 accepted species of shrubs or small trees, commonly known as buckthorns, in the family Rhamnaceae.

Where did Buckthorn come from?
Why is Buckthorn Invasive?

AGGRESSIVE TENDENCIES – The shallow root system of buckthorn outcompetes native plants for moisture and nutrients, while contributing to erosion and ecological imbalance. Its leafy crown deprives other plants of sunlight and serves as a host for rust fungus and soybean aphids that impact other plants, too!